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The lithuanian telecommunication ompany TELIA is a bunch of jerks. Dear expats, avoid them at all costs.
Switch into Tele 2 instead, if you are a British Lycomobile customer. They are more reasonable.

But the TELIA .lt they are just illiterate, lislexic, hysterical, histrionis and personality disordered bunch of peasant females in their mid-fifties. The company can not afford English speaking personnel.
So the TELIA lt staff strugle with their English. I don't know what they think the language they are speaking , but it is definetely not English. And they will never learn it, not a chance. Especially those from the 24-th floor at 25 Lvov Street vilnius. Very ill-mannered, bad-tempered dislexic females.
And their bill are enourmous, their pricelist is ridiculous. The internet never Works, the lines are very bad.
They are a Stone -age post soviet russian rural republic.


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