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UAB COPY PRO imones kodas 302539490 - very bad service!!! (1)
UAB COPY PRO Gedimino prosdpektas 33 Vilnus Lithuania imones kodas 302539490 » Skundai, atsiliepimai, vertinimai, komentarai

UAB COPY PRO is a brand name of the Banana Republic of Lithuania!
Have traveled a lot, been to most remote parts of the world, but have never ever seen a more disadvantaged country than the banana republic of liethuania!
The Copy pro company is based in the very centre of Vilnius.
Not a single fucked liethuanian bitch speaks a fucked word of English in here!
Do you, the natives of the banana republic of liethuania, really believe, we should learn your banana liethuanian language to make a fucked copy! No way!
The service in COPY PRO is awful, we had no idea if this was a self-service or what. Very poor level of service, no service at all. And the whole place is full of addict-looking blocks, looking for a crack or something.
By the way, they have no copying services in local libraries, since they don't have libraries down here in liethuania, they can't read or write.
To sum it up, we would not recommend anyone to use the 24-hour internet café and copying service in Lithuania, Vilnus, at 33 Gediminas avenue, imones kodas 302539490.
Stay away from them, to save your life. Stay away from the banana republic of this Baltic state.
We were in the place on 10 April 2017 from 17.00 until 18.00 and were not able to make a single copy.

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